Embossing Aluminum Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

Heat Preserving heat insulation
The panel has the unique polyurethane foam core between the two metal layers which is the best materials for heat preserving and heat insulation.

Have good water-proofing and damp-proofing
The panel has aluminum coated zinc board in exterior, and the plug in the panels connecting part so that there is no crack, and there is polyurethane foaming foam protection inside so that it has low water-sucking, high damp-proofing and percolating prevention.

Fire proofing
The panel also has the outstanding fire proofing, so it can makes your life more surfer.
The panel has polyurethane foam core inside, the inside of polyurethane foam is independent airtight air bubble structure, therefore it has good sound-insulating effect. PMP panel can decrease noise invading your comfortable residential environment.
Light weight, high hardness, and convenient construction
The panel is made of aluminum coated zinc panel, aluminum foil and polyurethane foaming. The weight is only 1/6 weight is only 1/6 weight of the similar building materials, high hardness, it is not easy to damage. And has convenient transportation. It is not easy to damage, and has convenient transportation. It can not influence the supporting capacity and convenient construction when the PMP panel be used as outer wall panel and indoor decorating, It does not need sub-sealing. But install and hang the PMP panel on the wall directly when doing old building renovating project.
Good earthquake resisting, anti-cracking
The panel has high hardness, high impact-bearing, high anti-wind pressure, good earthquake resisting, and anti-cracking performances. The panel connected with each other by grafting way, it has high material integrity, so it can solve the cracking and separating phenomenon on the rubber-hitting spot under ultraviolet ray influence.
Variety of designs, colors